Homewood Real Estate

    Settlement in Homewood began in the early 1800’s; however, it was not until 1926 when Charles Rice, the “Father of Homewood,” moved to merge surrounding communities into one under the name “Homewood.” Looking for a healthier environment, many Birmingham residents bought land and developed communities in the countryside surrounding Birmingham.

    Homewood is ocated in the over-the-mountain area of Birmingham, Alabama. With a population of approximately 26,000 and eight major neighborhoods, Homewood is the 20th largest community in Alabama.

    Homewood is home to one of the top five ranked school districts in the state. The school district is rated as a 10/10 on Great Schools and is ranked number four academically in the state. Samford University, a private Baptist college, is also located in Homewood. Because of this, Homewood is often thought of as a college town. To the benefit of the many students in the area, Homewood provides a number of services, amenities and opportunities geared towards their needs and activities.

    Homewood, while not large, also appears to be attractive to some younger, educated professionals, who help shape the character of the city.


    Breakout Birmingham

    Homewood Park


    Gianmarco’s Restaurant

    Dave’s Pizza

    Saw’s BBQ

    Red Pearl Restaurant

    Little Donkey

    O’Carr’s Delicatessen


    Oak Hill Bar & Grill



    Steel City Pops


    Savages Bakery