Checklist: Getting a Head Start on Your Spring Cleaning


    Spring is almost here, which means it’s about time to box up your sweaters and boots and get your home cleaned up for Spring. If you’re not sure where to start, we got you! Here are Alex’s 5 Spring cleaning tasks that you shouldn’t skip.

    1. Dust. Everything.

    Take some time going over the surfaces in your home that often get ignored. These include high shelves, ceiling fans, the top of your fridge, and so on. Get ahead of allergy season and breathe easy this summer by eliminating hidden dust in your home! May favorite dusting hack is to use an old pillow case to dust fan blades. Slide the case on so that the blade is inside of it, and when you wipe it off, all of the dust falls into the pillowcase- instead of on your face.

    2. Polish!

    Your metal and wood need some love! Clean and polish stainless steel appliances, tables, hardware, cabinets, etc. to get them shining like new. Cream of tartar is great for scrubbing stains off of metals, and Murphy’s Oil Soap will condition your wooden pieces like a charm.

    3. Sort and Organize

    It’s good to go through your things each year and get rid of unneeded clutter. The easiest way to get started here is to get rid of unused clothing. If it doesn’t fit, you haven’t worn it, or don’t even remember buying it, donate it! If it’s stained or otherwise damaged, toss it. This same concept can be applied all over your home- you probably have at least one closet and one drawer in your home that junk goes in to die, and I bet there’s some stuff in your kitchen that’s expired or unwanted. If you don’t need it, it’s taking up space and weighing you down! Once you’ve removed unnecessary junk, it’ll be much easier to keep those spaces neat and tidy.

    4. Detail your Bathroom

    This everyone’s favorite chore, I know, but it must get done. Clean and reseal the grout in your shower, disinfect in, around, and behind the toilet, and don’t forget your cabinets! Throw away expired products, old toothbrushes, and whatever other clutter you may have lingering. To keep your shower looking clean longer, keep a spray bottle with a mixture of vinegar and dish soap in the bathroom and spray it down once a week. A few spritzes after a shower is enough to keep it clean!

    5. Freshen up Your Bedroom

    Give all of your bedding a good wash, including your pillows! Dry clean any items that can’t be washed. While you have the bed stripped, mix some baking soda and a few drops of lavender oil, and sprinkle it all over your mattress. By the time your sheets are clean, it’ll be ready to vacuum off, taking any odors and dirt with it.

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