Running Around with a Realtor: Kristen McGee



    7:00 Wakeup and get ready for the day. Take Roman out and feed him and have a quick breakfast at home.

    9:00 It’s a big day for an excited first time homebuyer! They found the home of their dreams as it was being remodeled and we are meeting for the final walk-thru. The whole process has been awesome because we have watched a couple flip this home and change everything from the inside out! As we meet for our walk-through I also have a new agent meeting us to shadow. This is part of our program to introduce new agents to the business by tagging along with us for a day. At the walk-through all is well, so we all proceed to the closing attorney’s office to make it official.

    10:00 Closing Time! We meet at the closing office for my buyer, Chris, to sign his closing papers. The sellers had to sign early because they had to be out of town, but we meet with the attorney and his lender and watch him enter an exciting new chapter of his life!

    10:45 After the closing I head to the office to drop off the HUD and check from closing and pop into the Gusty Gulas Group team meeting for the final few minutes. It is always acceptable to skip on closing day! 😉

    11:00 After our meeting I stick around the office and catch up on all of my emails from the morning. Once I get in the zone, this usually takes me an hour or more!

    12:00 Lunch time with my awesome apprentice/assistant Angela. My new addiction is Organic Harvest so I bring her to check it out!

    1:00 After lunch I bring Angela back to the office and go work from home. This is where I can really catch up and follow up on our leads on BoomTown and make sure all of my closings are going smoothly through the process. This zone will keep me busy for hours! While I am working on this I find out that my 4:00 appointment can no longer meet. This gives me time for a workout!

    2:00 Make a homemade spaghetti sauce in the crockpot to prepare for dinner after my nighttime showings.

    4:00 P90 at home on the TeamBeachBody OnDemand. I have discovered that I have to use this as a source of workout when I can’t make it into a class at the JCC. Sometimes the times don’t work with my schedule, but I can always pull up the OnDemand workouts!

    5:30 Show a house in Avondale to a buyer I have worked with awhile. Still trying to find him the perfect one!

    6:30 Head to Bluff Park for a 2nd showing on a home for some first time homebuyers who have brought back the parents!

    7:30 Make some noodles and have dinner with a close friend.

    8:00 Netflix time! Just started Friends over from the beginning. What a classic!
    Being a realtor is awesome! There really is never a dull moment, but there are definitely some moments you want to pull your hair out too! I am thankful to work for a great company and have great support at our office. On top of that I have the best friends and family to keep me grounded. They are my escape from the stressful times and they support me in everything I do. Roman is also a great sidekick. Sometimes he even gets to go to work with me! Many of my clients refer to him as my boss. On a nice day he likes to keep my seat warm in the car as I show houses. The most exciting part of our job is watching our clients experience the All American Dream of homeownership! We love seeing them get the keys to one of their biggest accomplishments and largest decisions of their lifetime.

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