Camille Berry

    M: 205-541-8256

    Get to know a little more about Camille Berry...

    Year you got your license?

    Birth city?

    You specialize in what part of the city?
    Mountain brook, Crestline Park/Gardens

    Spouse's name?
    Justin Timberlake :)

    Favorite real estate moment?
    Having a teenage boy beg his mom to have (his first ever) sleepover at his new house because it was the first time he had ever been proud of his home.

    What are you especially known for in real estate?
    Being a double agent, title and realtor!

    What did you do before real estate?
    Sold title and closing

    Gardening, running, traveling

    Favorite restaurant in town?

    Business philosophy?
    Your brand is the most important thing you own.

    Why did you choose Brik?
    Culture and leadership. Positive attitudes all around.

    Roll Tide? Or War Eagle?

    Accolades or awards?
    Silver Million-dollar club

    Favorite Birmingham event?
    Girls Inc. Cajun Cookoff

    Favorite Birmingham place?
    Iron city or Jemison trail

    Best Brik moment?
    Looking around at an event and realizing it was like another day in the office. I get to work with some of my very best friends every day.

    An interesting thing about me is…. I love to travel all over the world, and never go to the same place twice.

    Camille Berry
    Realtor®- Birmingham Office
    Brik Realty
    2901 2nd Ave. S. Suite 230
    Birmingham, AL 35233

    Camille Berry

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