Devin Decker

    M: 205-948-4456

    1) Name
    Devin Decker
    2) Year you got your license?
    3) Birth city?
    Tunkhannock PA
    4) You specialize in what part of the city?
    Not limiting myself to any particular area.
    5) Spouse's name
    Wade Nichols
    6) Children?
    Gavin & Paris
    7) What kind of pet do you have and what is his or her name?
    Miniature Schnauzer, Sir Snoopy Deckols
    8) Favorite real estate moment?
    My favorite moment was the day I closed on my first home in the south. I have owned property in PA but owning my first AL home was a personal accomplishment I am very proud of.
    9) What are you especially known for in real estate?
    Experienced home owner and investor.
    10) What did you do before real estate?
    Proprietary Software & Implementation Support Specialist
    11) Hobbies?
    Cooking, traveling, wine, time with Partner and kids, camping, fishing, gardening, home projects.
    12) Favorite restaurant in town?
    Oh so many – one of my favorite things of Birmingham is the huge array of food choices! I can always do some Mexican and/or Sushi.
    13) Business philosophy?
    Do it right the first time. And. “When you learn teach, when you get give” – I live by this Maya Angelou quote.
    14) Why did you choose Brik?
    One, because my Partner, Wade, was already established with Brik. Two, because I believe Brik provides an environment in line with our professional and personal goals and desires.
    15) Roll Tide? Or War Eagle?
    As I mentioned, I am from PA so upon moving to the south I quickly learned I “had” to pick a side. War Eagle (Wade would divorce me if I say otherwise, haha)
    16) Accolades or awards?
    I’ve received a lot of recognition and appreciation in my corporate arena…I hope to soon add to this list in the Real Estate Industry.
    17) Favorite Bham event?
    Another thing Bham is good at – Events! The St. Patrick’s Day Parade in South Side is always fun but so many events to attend it’s hard to pick just one or two…
    18) Favorite Bham place?
    When I first moved here, I lived in Highland Park; this will always be a happy place for me. But I love so many areas of Bham it is hard to pick on. I love all the outdoor eating opportunities (yeah, I love to eat), parks, greenspaces, etc.
    19) Best Brik moment?
    Haven’t had many yet but I am sure I’ll be adding to this list soon!
    20) List of your Brikkies?
    #1 = Wade Nichols (and I don’t “have” to say that…haha)
    21) An interesting thing about me is….
    I love to cook and not afraid to try new techniques. Mostly gourmet type recipes but I have also learned how to smoke and according to Wade and the kids apparently pretty well. No special equipment but a cheap smoker I found on Craigslist and some charcoal. I also roast my own coffee – and I must say it’s amazing!

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    Devin Decker
    Realtor- Birmingham Office
    Mobile: 205-948-4456
    Brik Realty
    2901 2nd Ave. S. Suite 230
    Birmingham, AL 35233

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